Magento B2C and B2B solutions provider was looking for a premium hosting partner

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in running their own web shops, eWINGS is the perfect partner for online business. Since 2014, they have been helping SMEs with B2C and B2B solutions based on Magento and they are part of the growing digital cluster Xplore Group. eWINGS combines experience with technical ingenuity and goes further than webshop development.

They offer support for operational and strategic concerns and have an e-marketing service to overcome all commercial challenges. Fast and reliable hosting is a basic condition for fast e-commerce websites. That's why they choose to use Hosted Power.

Step 1

Permanently in pole position

For a long time, eWINGS chose to entrust their hosting to another hosting provider, where start-up costs were limited. However, they noticed that the costs often increased quickly after a while with many hidden costs. That is why eWINGS decided to look for a local hosting partner who could offer them the necessary technical support without fast-rising invoices.

That's how they ended up with us and for a lower budget, they receive not only the necessary support, but also a much better performance.

Step 2

Maximum uptime

At the beginning of 2018, eWINGS stopped using their previous hosting provider and month after month they have systematically moved all their customers to our environment and support. Hosted Power sets up the ideal server environment for every new project, for every new eWINGS customer. Each time with the best possible performance and a guaranteed maximum uptime.

Step 3

Total package

Thanks to our total package, in several areas Hosted Power was able to make a real difference. And that's why eWINGS each time again chooses

  • our continuous support, flexibility and availability,
  • our transparent prices (no hidden costs),
  • our unrivaled performance when it comes to speed,
  • and the maximum uptime thanks to our Uptime Guarantee.

Why not take a look at Childhome, Furnified, Mya-Bay and experience for yourself the extremely fast load times.

In the mean time, we are setting up an extra dedicated server every month for eWings*

* For the past 3 years, we have been setting up a new dedicated cloud servers for eWINGS well over every month.


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