Hosting for Government

Hosted Power is also there for government agencies and local authorities, because they too need high-performance managed hosting solutions. Not only because government websites have to receive a large number of visitors at times, but also because they handle important data from citizens, because thousands of employees want to do their job well, because perfect data security and optimal uptime are a basic service for citizens...

Every government agency, every local government needs the best performing, most secure and fastest hosting solutions and that's what we offer at Hosted Power.

Security and efficiency

We don't have to convince the Flemish Government to work with Hosted Power. We've worked with the Flemish Government on several projects. For example, we hosted the website for the Flemish elections. The extreme peak moments with over 100,000 website visitors were easily accommodated with our high-performance hosting. The Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur (ABB) also relies on Hosted Power's services and expertise for their hosting.

For big players like governments and local authorities, besides security and efficiency, trust is also crucial. We like to build that relationship of trust with them. We do this not only by offering the best possible hosting solutions, but also by thinking along with them, anticipating their needs and responding flexibly to concrete questions. This allows us to respond proactively to technical problems or changing situations.

Your peace of mind and that of the citizens

With the most powerful and high-performance hosting solutions available, Hosted Power guarantees governments and local authorities not only a minimum loading time but also the best possible uptime.

Moreover, Hosted Power's hosting services are managed and continuously monitored. On the one hand, this means that we can take everything related to hosting off your hands whenever you want. On the other hand, it also means that we monitor our entire infrastructure 24 hours a day. In case of possible failures, our technicians take immediate action. This way, problems are usually solved without you, your employees or the public even noticing.

Always the best solution

Because Hosted Power continuously monitors everything and invests in better technology and developments, we can offer governments and local authorities the best hosting solution available at the moment.

Government agencies that choose security and peace of mind choose Hosted Power.