Windows Server

A Windows Server at Hosted Power is the ideal solution for hosting your website, webshop or application. An ERP or CRM application, accounting software, a warehouse management system... Whatever you have running on our Windows Servers, you can be sure that everything works as it should. We in turn guarantee that you can rely one hundred percent on our solutions.

A virtual Windows Server at Hosted Power is the best possible guarantee for unseen speed and worry-free hosting. After all, all our hosting solutions are fully managed. This means that at no time and in no situation do you need to worry about the hosting of your application, website, webshop... We monitor it continuously and solve possible issues without you noticing.

When uptime is crucial

At Hosted Power, we know that uptime is crucial. Neither your customers nor your employees have time to wait for a slow site or application. That's why we work with the most robust and high-performance servers. This is the only way we can offer you the certainty that your website, webshop or application performs as you expect.

And because we also want to offer you the best possible support, Hosted Power has licenses for Microsoft Windows, Remote Desktop Services CAL, Office...

Remote Desktop Hosting

Virtual Remote Desktop Hosting on our Windows Server assures you of a highly reliable infrastructure in the cloud that allows you to connect securely and quickly from the office, at a fixed price per user.

Frustrations because the connection with the remote desktop fails, the applications that run on it are slow to respond or the data you store on it is temporarily inaccessible, are excluded. At Hosted Power we work with the best performing infrastructure available today.

Your employees log on to the Windows Server and get to see their own desktop, with all the programs and data they need to do their job. Without them even noticing that they are working on the cloud.