CMS & Application hosting


CMS hosting

Whether you are working with MagentoDrupalWordPress, Laravel, Symfony or any other php framework, you can always rely on our unique customized managed hosting solution. Thanks to our years of expertise and approach, we are specialized in various CMS hosting systems.

Custom Applications

We also have specialized images and setups with extreme performance for Java Enterprise server, Django and Ruby On Rails (custom) applications

Unprecedented speeds

After a thorough analysis, we fine-tune your popular or lesser known framework. We ensure that the technology of your choice runs smoothly on our servers, and that your website is safer, faster and more optimally supported than ever. We ensure optimal compatibility between your website application and the software on our systems.

We also look at which caching technologies are eligible for your website or application. We possess thorough experience with, among others, OpCache, Redis, MemCached and Varnish.

Uptime guarantee

Finally, by using permanent and in-depth monitoring, we ensure that your applications remain online, safe and function extremely efficiently!




We provide stable setups, with unprecedented speeds, for the following technologies: