Hosted Power offers Blackfire for all managed services customers, we will setup your server completely with blackfire pre-installed and guide you trough the process.

All you have to do is create a free account on or even better: Make use of our expertise!

Why use Blackfire php profiler?


Performance testing helps you make sure you never let your app's load times frustrate a user. You are able to thoroughly test your code according to your business logic

Performance Management Automation

Automate testing and improve your app's performance continuously, in all environments. Integrate performance management seamlessly in your existing workflows and tools.

Performance Profiling

Gather detailed performance metrics from your code's execution, and visualize it in interactive call graphs. Find bottlenecks in the blink of an eye and check the impact of your changes by comparing iterations in development, staging and production servers.

Performance Recommendations

Blackfire Recommendations provide best practices teams can learn from their PHP performance experts.
Fully documented, they tell your team what to improve at first and teach them how to avoid performance bottlenecks.

DevOps Principles

Devops (Development and operations) is the vision that collaboration and communication between system engineers and developers is crucial from day one. This will undoubtedly lead to a more productive and stable environment perfectly adjusted to the application that it will run.

At Hosted Power we adjust our infrastructure to your application's requirements. Thanks to our managed services and extensive monitoring we will always follow your application's development and growth!

Many of our customers are also using automation and extra tools in their development process. We will provide the infrastructure and together we will work out how to work in a more streamlined fashion!

Furthermore we're a Blackfire partner, a terrific php profiler which is completely integrated with our managed hosting solutions.

Please contact us with the issues you're facing today so we can work together and improve the productivity. For more info also look into our managed services!