Hosting for IT partners

IT companies find in Hosted Power the perfect partner for all their hosting solutions. Important is that Hosted Power can play its added value to evolve together with IT partners to a win-win situation.

Transparent collaboration

In concrete terms this means that IT companies can rely on Hosted Power for specific expertise they don't have in-house. For example, our expertise in LINUX can be useful for a partner that specializes in Windows hosting and doesn't have the necessary knowledge itself to deliver LINUX hosting at a high level to its customers. In this way Hosted Power offers you the possibility to go to your customers with a wide range of services and solutions.

The fact that this is a true partnership is demonstrated by the transparent way of working together. We work with IT partners that take on a certain part of what their customers need, but work with us for another part. Think, for example, of a company that provides a local network for its customers, but comes to us for the cloud services.

Offer your customers top quality

Hosted Power offers lightning-fast managed hosting and extremely reliable cloud solutions. As a result, you too can guarantee high-quality services to your customers without any worries.

We want to offer our customers quality and we are sure that you want the same for your customers. Because we only work with solutions and technology of the highest quality, you can be sure that you offer your customers the very best solution. We make the difference with our own software stack and with the choice for an extremely performant infrastructure.

On top of that, our technical support team is almost as fast as our hosting. Our experts have years of experience and a great passion for technology. They are ready to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Finally, our solid and clear Service Level Agreement is the best guarantee of the top performance you rightly expect from Hosted Power.