VPS or Cloud Server

With a virtual private server, you host all your projects, websites and software applications on a server that Hosted Power set up for your business environment. Whether you choose Linux or Windows, we configure your Cloud VPS server and provide the fastest and most reliable server solutions.

Hosted Power guarantees the fastest websites and applications.

We are experts, techies; call us nerds by any means. We dive deep into the set-up and tinker with the infrastructure of your site or application until they deliver the top performance you expect. The Hosted Power experts optimize your set-up and guarantee the fastest possible loading times.

For example, we have various highly optimized software configurations and caching mechanisms & various analysis tools to get the most out of your applications!

We provide support, integration and optimization for, among others, the following operating systems:
  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, AlmaLinux
  • Unix: Freebsd
  • Microsoft Windows 2022 Server en RDP
  • Pfsense & FortiOS
  • Your own custom OS or virtual appliance!

Cloud servers tailored to developers

  • Extreme performance servers
  • Ready to use your development & deployment tools such as Git & Capistrano
  • Advanced caching technologies such as Varnish and Redis available by default, without additional costs
  • Extreme database optimizations & tweaks + database monitoring
  • Control Panel such as cPanel or DirectAdmin optionally available for easy management