Hybrid solutions

Combine our cloud servers with your on-site infrastructure

We can safely and seamlessly connect our infrastructure to your company network!

  • Do you want to outsource certain aspects of your network externally in a safe way?
  • Do you have Windows, but little or no Linux knowledge ?
  • Would you like quick and efficient access to a remote desktop application?
  • Do you need high and permanent uptime with guarantees?

Then, through our setup, we will fully integrate your internal company network with our fully managed cloud services.

Integrate our cloud seamlessly with Azure, Amazon or other Saas and PaaS services

  • Do you already use Amazon or Azure, but are the costs too high?
  • Do you need management and in-depth technical expertise ?
  • Do you have problems guaranteeing uptime of your applications such as Amazon or Azure?

You do not have to adapt your existing infrastructure on Amazon or Azure , we will combine and integrate these completely safely and efficiently with our services.