Lightning-fast Managed Cloud Solutions

Speed & Uptime

As a hosting partner, we dive deep into the set-up of your site or application. We tinker with the infrastructure until we can guarantee you load times of less than one second and maximum uptime. With Hosted Power you start from pole position, you maintain speed and together reach the full potential of your site or app as a team.

Tailor-made services

We can adjust our SaaS services upon your request and we can always provide tailor-made services. Customization can range from the design of a cluster setup to the complete roll-out and management of your cloud infrastructure.

24/7 Monitoring

All our managed services are monitored extensively 24/7. From server uptime to for example MySQL performance parameters: Everything is constantly being watched. Often problems can be prevented, or they are solved before you even notice it yourself!

Personalized approach

You are not a number at Hosted Power. We always advise you and monitor your servers and projects proactively. Check out our approach!


Contact us

Contact us today with your current challenges or projects and our engineers will search for the most cost efficient (cloud) solution for your problem.